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This fan made page will provide guides, tips, tools and general information all about the game State of Survival.

In Guides you wil find an overview on all guides written till now.

The Events content wil provide infos about events and will contain a calender in the future.

In Tools you can find calculation tools for your saved speedups.

The Hero section provides an overview of all heroes and what they provide to your army in terms of skills and bonuses.

The Deals page gives you the calculated value of game deals for constructions speedups, chief gear and hero gear designs

If you have questions or suggestions just leave a comment on a page that matches your topic.

State of Survival - Guide Tools Updates

State of Survival - State Warfare - State vs State


State of Survivals State Warfare or also know as State vs State event is a event which allows your state to fight against other states for rewards. Here i will list the stages, rewards and some detailed infos from the betas.

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State of Survival - Anniversary Event


Infos about the new State of Survival First Anniversary event all stages, days and how to get gas cakes.

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State of Survival - Birthday Event


Infos about the new State of Survival Birthday event all stages, days and how to get gas cans.

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State of Survival - Building Calculator


This State of Survival buildings calculator shows and adds up the all required construction times and resources for each building you select. You can also try out how different talents and buffs would reduce you overall build time.

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State of Survival - Army Troop Stat Values


The troops stats of all tiers and types, also the values before the change. It should become clear that for trap t10 should now be better.

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State of Survival - Skill Talent Tree


Here is a complete skill tree which allows you to test out different talent combination, it will also show you the gained bonuses and required chief level. You can share your finished talent allocation by copying the url or using the "Copy Link" button. Currently only the war tree is available. Try it out.

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State of Survival - Quick Guide


Here are some quick tips&tricks about the game to leverage some mechanics of the game in your and your alliances favor.

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State of Survival - Sotf Guide


Surival of the fittest is a reoccurring event in survival of the fittest, find out what goals you should set for yourself for the event and what gives points in the individual stages.

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State of Survival - Throwdown Guide


Throwdown is a event in State of Survival where the whole alliance needs to complete various challenges to unlock rewards by reaching point targets. The alliances with the most points (Top 3) will also get to compete in a higher tier with better rewards next event.

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State of Survival - Hero Guide


State of Survival provides you with a diverse bunch of heroes, in this quick guide i will try to help you to choose the right one for the right job.

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State of Survival - war guide


State of Survival is a war game, so you may find yourself in battles or full out wars with other alliances. Here are some tips to stay ahead.

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State of Survival - speedup guide


There are some ways to farm and stock up on speedups in State of Survival, this guide shows some effective ways.

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State of Survival - protection guide


In its core State of Survival is a war game, so it makes sense to understand the basic mechanics and to be prepared for battles even when you are offline

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State of Survival - version guide

UPDATE v1.8.10

The new version brings lots of major changes on how the gear/medal system works, it brings with its a complete new map with new features that replaces the old world map.

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State of Survival - calculator


A litte tool to sum up your speedups.

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State of Survival - timer guide


There are various ways to reduce the time for constructing a new building, make sure you use all of them the get the most out of it.

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State of Survival - event guide


The reservoir raid is a big pvp event, on its own seperate battle map. You will fight for occupation of different buildings to collect water (points) for your alliance. In this event you will not lose any troops, all gets reset as it were before you joined the fight.

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