State of Survival tips


State of Survival tips

State of Survival - Throwdown Event Guide/Overview
Posted on 21st Jul 2020 by Root. Tags: events, guide, throwdown, rewards, challenges, rookie, contender, challenger, expert, champion, missions.
Throwdown is a event in State of Survival where the whole alliance needs to complete various challenges to unlock rewards by reaching point targets. The alliances with the most points (Top 3) will also get to compete in a higher tier with better rewards next event.

Make sure as much members as p...

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State of Survival - War Battle PvP Guide
Posted on 21st Jul 2020 by Root. Tags: Array.
War is one of the central themes of State of Survival so it makes sense to be prepared for it and to understand the mechanics well

I have never advocated war except as means of peace, so seek peace, but prepare for war. Because war... War never changes. War is like winter and winter is coming.

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State of Survival - Hero Guide
Posted on 21st Jul 2020 by Root. Tags: guides, pvp, heroes, hero-guide, hero, ash, ray, wolfe, nikola, chef, rusty, miho, trish, maddie, ghost, travis, jeb, lucky, zoe, eva, sarge, mike.
Heroes play a central role in state of survival it is of importance that you pick the right hero for the right role.

For a list of all heroes with bonuses and skills see: Hero Overview

Hero Picks

You need to pick different heroes for different occasions, some things what you have to consi...

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