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In its core State of Survival is a war game, so it makes sense to understand the basic mechanics and to be prepared for battles even when you are offline

So here are some tips on how you can make sure your settlement is safe when going offline or not wanting to fight


Your main assets you want to protect are:



    To keep your RESSOURCES save:

    • Make sure you don't open rss in your backpack if you don't immediately need them
    • Check your protected rss count in your warehouse and don't go over that
    • Keep your warehouse upgraded, that will increase the amount of rss that are protected

    Warehouse Map Warehouse Detail

    To get rid of excess resources you can trade them in for speedups in your trading post

  2. TROOPS There are 4 states your troops can be after a battle:

    • Healthy - No change
    • Slightly Wounded - Will perform worse in next battle, automatically healed when returned to settlement
    • Wounded - Will get to the hospital after returned to settlement
    • Killed - Those troops are lost

    When you get attacked your troops are automatically "returned to your settlement" after the battle, so for example slightly wounded ones will be healed instantly.

    The Problem when getting attacked is that wounded troops that cant fit inside your hospital capacity will be killed.

    So to keep your troops save you can do the following:

    • Keep your hospital upgraded
    • Check your hospital capacity
    • Make sure you don't have more troops in your settlement than hospital capacity
    • To reduce troops in your settlement, place them in the bunker -> Troops inside bunker dont participate in battles and therefore cant be lost
    • You can also send your troops to an alliance member that is shielded

    Hospital Map Bunker Hospital Detail

Enlistment Office

If you do lose troops you can use the enlistment office to get some back. When troops die it will fill up the enlistment office, by getting points you will be able to reclaim troops.

Getting points:

  • Automatically over time
  • Daily Missions

    After getting enough points spend duty (1 duty can be bought for 1000 biocaps) to claim them back.

    Enlistment Map Enlistment Detail

    Enlistment MapRdy Enlistment Detail1 Enlistment Detail2


The easiest method to keep safe it to just shield up, access the menu over your HQ buffs.

Shield Menu