State of Survival tips


State of Survival tips

State of Survival - State Warfare - State vs State- Event
State of Survivals Stage Warfare is a longed for event which finally allows for combat between different states. The event in its whole is not all about combat though but consists of different stages, this article will try to give some understanding about those stages and general infos.


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State of Survival - Survival of the Fittest
Posted on 27th Sep 2020 by Root. Tags: events, sotf, survival-of-the-fittest, sotf-stages, stages, event-info.
Survival of the Fittest a reoccurring event in State of Survival where you need to collect points over multiple days to win rewards in form of biocaps, speedups, resources, maps and so on. The big price will be for the overall event winners giving out up to ~300 legendary hero fragments.

Make su...

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State of Survival - First Anniversary - Event
The Anniversary event is a special event on State of Survival with multiple ways to get special rewards from simple resources and speedups up to the permanent skins for your headquarter and march.

Make sure you have enough speedups, materials for each stage saved up for the different stages.

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