State of Survival - Throwdown Event Guide/Overview

State of Survival - Throwdown Event Guide/Overview

State of Survival - Throwdown Event Guide/Overview
Posted on 21st Jul 2020 by Root. Tags: events, guide, throwdown, rewards, challenges, rookie, contender, challenger, expert, champion, missions.
Throwdown is a event in State of Survival where the whole alliance needs to complete various challenges to unlock rewards by reaching point targets. The alliances with the most points (Top 3) will also get to compete in a higher tier with better rewards next event.

Make sure as much members as possible participate to place higher in the alliance rankings



    You will unlock solo and alliance rewards by completing challenges. Each completed challenge will add points to the alliance total and to your solo points.

    There are 5 Tiers, each tier will give better solo and alliance rewards but will also require more points to unlock those. To go up a tier you must be in the top 3 Alliances (per throwdown points), except for expert to champion here only the top 2 will go up a tier.


    Here is a overview on how many points you will need for each tier to unlock all rewards:

    Tier Solo Points Alliance Points
    1-Rookie 400 35000
    2-Contender 400 35000
    3-Challenger 600 42000
    4-Expert 1000 63000
    5-Champion 1600 80000



    • Choose missions you can 100% complete
    • If there is no such mission, check in later
    • Each day you can add additional challenge attempts by spending biocaps, unlock those

    R4+ will be responsible to delete multiple or to difficult challenges, they should do that regularly.


    • BIOCAPS - Spend biocaps.

      • Buy Speedups in VIP Store/Marketplace
      • Buy VIP
      • Take before buying more challenges
      • Take before using HQ buffs

      Bio Challenge 1 Bio Challenge 2 Bio Challenge 3

    • RALLY - Rally fiends, gives good points for time spent -> Fiend

      Rallly Challenge

    • EXPLORER - Complete explorer missions -> Explorer

      • Hero Precinct missions
      • Intel explorer missions
      • Foraging tipoffs

      Explorer Challenge 1 Explorer Challenge 2 Explorer Challenge 3

    • INFECTED - Kill regular infected -> Infected

      • Over the map
      • Intel infected

      Infected Challenge 1 Infected Challenge 2 Infected Challenge 3

    • GATHERING - Gather Resources

      • Use HQ gathering buff before! (50%/100% increase)

      RSS Challenge 1 RSS Challenge 2 RSS Challenge 3

    • TROOP - Train Troops

      • Check how much you can train
      • Check Troop BP
      • Example: Able to train 750 troops, T9 = 50 power -> 37500

      Train Challenge 1 Train Challenge 2

      Tip: Check for this challenge every time you can complete your trained troops, you may can pick it up and finish directly.

    • HERO GEAR - Use Hero Gear Parts -> Gear Part

      • Make sure you have enough

      HeroG Challenge 1 HeroG Challenge 2

    • CHIEF GEAR - Make ENOUGH Chief Gear

      • Check Table that you can craft enough to complete challenge -> Chief Table

      ChiefG Challenge 1 ChiefG Challenge 2

    • BADGES - Make ENOUGH Badges

      • Check Table that you can craft enough to complete challenge -> Badge Table

      Badge Challenge 3 Badge Challenge 3

    • HERO FRAGMENTS - Use Legendary Fragments, meaning upgrade a legendary hero with at least 30 fragments -> Upgrade

      Fragments Challenge

    • BUNDLES - Buy Bundles

      • Crates of Choice/Custom count towards the challenge
      • Special event stage unlocks and Wild Racing unlocks DO NOT count
      • Small Daily deal does also not count (<2500 biocaps)

      Bundle Challenge 1 Bundle Challenge 2 Bundle Challenge 3

    • SPEEDUPS - Use speedups, the specific ones have a better point value

      Speed Challenge 1 Speed Challenge 2 Speed Challenge 3

      Construction Speed Challenge 1 Construction Speed Challenge 2 Construction Speed Challenge 3

      Research Speed Challenge 1 Research Speed Challenge 2

      Troop Speed Challenge 1