State of Survival - War Battle PvP Guide

State of Survival - War Battle PvP Guide

State of Survival - War Battle PvP Guide
Posted on 21st Jul 2020 by Root. Tags: Array.
War is one of the central themes of State of Survival so it makes sense to be prepared for it and to understand the mechanics well

I have never advocated war except as means of peace, so seek peace, but prepare for war. Because war... War never changes. War is like winter and winter is coming.

Troop Types

There are 3 types of troops in State of Survival and each one has its own unique job.

  • INFANTRY - Your tanks they will stand at the frontline and protect all your other troops (HIGH HP/DEF, LOW DMG)
  • RIDERS - Riders will dmg the enemy damage dealer and are standing in the middle of the battle (MEDIUM HP/DEF, MEDIUM DMG)
  • HUNTER - Highest damage will go for enemy infantry but are weak health wise (LOW HP/DEF, HIGH DMG)

    In Battles your infantry will die/get wounded first, thats normal its their job.

    In general you want to keep to have an equal amount of all types in your formation.

    If you are in buildings like for facility/capital fights you want to check your troops regularly or you could slowly have less and less infantry inside it till you will lose.


For heroes you want to pick those that give you bonuses for the type of battle you are going into. You need to check 3 types of bonuses:

  1. Military Bonus General
  2. Military Attack/Defense Bonus
  3. Skill Bonus

    Hero Bonus - Bonus Overview

For example will Lucky reduce the defense of the settlement you are attacking, but she will not reduce it while defending
For an overview of heroes bonuses check out: Hero Overview

So you should use different heroes for attacking and defending:

  • Attacking -> Settlement Attack Bonus + Rally Bonus if you are doing a rally
  • Defending -> Settlement Defense Bonus + Rally Bonus if you get reinforced

For rally joiners make sure that your hero leader has a high first skill ideal for pvp (+damage or +health/damage reduction) Rally - Rally Benefits

Battle Outcome

After Battle your troops will be in one of the following status:

  • Healthy - No change
  • Lightly Wounded - Will perform worse in next battle, automatically healed when returned to settlement
  • Wounded - Will get to the hospital
  • Killed - Those troops are lost (when defending you can get some back via enlistment)

When you get attacked your troops are automatically "returned to your settlement" after the battle, so for example slightly wounded ones will be healed instantly.

The Problem when getting attacked is that wounded troops that cant fit inside your hospital capacity will be killed.

Troop Status - Troop Status


Each battle will use the stats from one leader, this stats can be boosted by joiner hero skills.

When defending something, like settlements or structures, the stats from the player with the best stats of all of those who participate will get used.

That is very important to know if you not careful and are attacking someone who's reinforced with someone with better stats than you except loses.

This mechanic can also be used to build trap bases, by reining a smaller player and bait people in attacking him. (Recon jammer may needed) Or to speed reinforce someone who is about to be attacked.

The game decides who is stronger, for defending mostly those with higher infantry stats and for attacking those with higher hunter/rider stats in my experience.


With an active alliance you can heal a lot of troops very fast without the need of speedups. To do that start your heal with a small number (batch), then request heal helps, wait a few seconds for the helps to come in. Here is a quick video demonstrating the process.

The time you can set is dependent on:

  • Your Assembly Building Level (How many helps you can get for each request)
  • How many players are online
  • Alliance research

    So its best to just test out a few times and see which work best for you at a given time.


There are 2 sides in every battle the defending and the attacking one. This is important because:

The troops on a defending side will only get wounded (only way to lose troops is when hospital is full)

You are on the defending side for:

  • Getting your settlement attacked
  • Attacking & Defending PvP structures like Bunker, Facility, Capital or Capital Towers.
  • Attacking & Defending your OWN alliance structures like Headquarters or Towers.

You are on the attacking side for:

  • Attacking settlements
  • Attacking & Defending OTHER alliance structures like Headquarters or Towers.

Note that for PvP structures BOTH are on the defending side. So you can battle for them without risking loses.



To get somewhere faster you can speed up your march with "March Accelerators".

You can only speedup solo marches not marching rallies.

  • 25% - 200 biocaps
  • 50% - packs (battle bundle before reservoir raid, maybe also daily deals) BATTLE BUNDLE


If you are already marching somewhere you can recall your march, for solo march you can buy the necessary item in the alliance shop or use biocaps.

You can also recall marching rallies but only with 2000 biocaps.



To get the most out of your stats you may want to boost them before big and long fights.



Also all skins you got active will stack up, it does not matter which one you use currently. That means all HQ- or March-skins and Frames. Which means that you could activate a lot of hq skins temporarily to get further boosts to your stats.

All skin bonuses stack


You get some active talents in your war tree, which are helpful in different situations.


Massive March

When you need to place more of your troops inside a march. Good to place more troops inside showdown


Urgent Recall

Can also be used when you reinforced a lot of hqs which ported away and you need your troops back yourself asap.


Emergency Dressing

Will not get shared with all rally members. Each rally joiner would need to activate it for themselves. Causes some confusion because it will be shown in the rally battle report as active


Alliances can place buildings on their hive to provide bonuses to all inside their hive area.

  • Headquarters - provides the main area of hive bonuses
  • Tower - expands that area

    The enemy bases will have an extra bonus to attack and defense, so be ready when going against another hive by porting in.

    Also be prepared that some players may get reinforced fast when you start an attack, be ready to pull back if you are going in solo.


    Hive Area Tower Area




    HQ Tower